Hello world!


Welcome all to my photo journal. On these pages I intend to share images of some of my experiences in grad school.  Currently, my educational sojourn finds me in NYC, but with plans to travel as part of my adventure I plan on adding more images and details here.  Until I can afford a quality camera, the photos are from my point and shoot.  Some of them are rather mundane and others will include more interesting notes.  I hope to reflect on everyday life in the places I find myself…. and my goal is to include one new image each week!  Let’s see how much time my research takes before I commit to anything 🙂

This first photo is from the Union Square Farmer’s Market.  I loved seeing the many hues of the heirloom tomatoes.  The market itself is wonderful.  The variety of goods is amazing.  There are several vendors of various cheeses from cows milk to goat’s milk.  There is a vendor selling ostrich products; meats, eggs, etc.  Plenty of fruit and veggie stands, of course.  At one stand, which is always busy, market goers can purchase vegan and gluten free breads and treats!  Lastly, one of my personal favorites, a vendor selling all things made with lavender.  Dried bunches fill the table with color and fragrance the air sweetly.  It makes me smile every time I pass by. 

The market is near where I attend classes, so I have the privilege to visit it often.  Surely, as classes become more difficult there will be many more images from the market as this may be the only parts of New York that I see besides the inside of a book!  For now, I enjoy the colors, tastes, and smells of the market and adjacent park as I eat my lunch.

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6 Responses to Hello world!

  1. Amy S. says:

    Ha! I just posted about the Greenmarket too! All that colorful produce is just begging to be photographed and blogged about. Coincidentally, I’m an NYU grad student too. Good luck with your blog and classes.

  2. Frank L says:

    This looks very interesting, the photo is wonderful – it feels like walking with you over this market. I will constantly have a look at your blog and am looking for more in the next weeks.

  3. Teri says:

    It will be great fun to follow your journey! Enjoy it!

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