Obligatory post about September 11th

I do remember September 11, 2001. Like it was almost yesterday. But somehow I was trying to avoid writing a memorial post. It feels obligatory and not that it comes from the heart. Everyone in NY writes a post of remembrance so mine is going to be more about moving beyond than reflecting back. This picture was taken from Union Square Park of the lights that are displayed every year as a memorial. I quite like the idea and think the lights reaching up to the heavens is a great metaphor. But you will notice that my picture is, well, a bit awful. It’s blurry and maybe even a bit crooked. That is because instead of spending this day of remembrance living in the past, I chose to remember the victims by living. My cohort has class together each Tuesday and after class we often go to have a few drinks together. Just on the other side of the park is a little bar that has a great outdoor space in the back. So after enjoying a beautiful evening with my classmates, discussing philosophy and theory over a few glasses of wine, I took a few moments to snap this picture- reflective of my living- to share with you. We should not forget, but it is also our responsibility to live life to the fullest. That is what September 11th should remind us of each year.

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