A little piece of Germany in NYC

This week was rather long on reading and short on the sights and sounds of New York.  We had off for Yom Kippur on Tuesday and Wednesday so our professors all decided we could use our “extra” time to do additional readings.  I am not complaining that much since all of the readings were truly fascinating, but I think someone needs to point out that we only spend two hours in class and each book takes far longer than two hours to read!

I did however have the opportunity to run an errand at my job and found myself walking down Park Avenue and upon seeing this place I had to smile.  This is evidence as to why Americans seem to think all of Germany is like Bavaria!  Coincidentally, my walk coincided with lunch time and I had fun watching hundreds of black SUV’s full of the UN delegates driving/blocking the city streets.  It was interesting to see how the NYPD managed the traffic flow by not letting taxi’s and other private vehicles idle behind a delegates vehicle- I saw one waiting to turn left and the officers forced the other waiting cars to go straight as opposed to idling behind the delegate.

So, this week I am sharing a smile from me to you and the great anticipation I have for visiting Germany again next summer!

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