My continued neglect…

So, I have continued to neglect my blog therefore I will be doing a sort of photo dump.  I am posting a few pictures today with very brief comments.

This is St. Bart’s Cathedral which is hardly visited compared to its much more famous neighbor a few blocks over- St. Patrick’s Cathedral.  I pass this place of worship several times a week when I leave my office on my way to the subway to head to classes.  The architecture is beautiful and it seems so out of place in the heart of Manhattan’s office skyscrapers.


On my work into work I pass through Times Square in the morning.  Every so often there is some sort of event happening drawing large crowds.  Last week as I passed through the area there was a large gallery of Disney themed ice sculptures to walk through.  There were a large number of people but I managed to catch a photo of one of the larger pieces on display.


On Tuesday, I made my way to the New York City Public Library Midtown Branch to apply for a library card.  This building is largely a museum of sorts, but absolutely beautiful and inspiring.  This is a view from the second floor staircase to the foyer.  After receiving my library card, I walked across the street to the building that actually has books to lend in it and started searching for some research materials.

So that’s it for now.  It has been a long few weeks and hopefully I will have some interesting photos in the coming weeks as season change and post hurricane!


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