Life after Sandy

Things are finally starting to get back to normal here after super storm Sandy.  Power is back on for most.  Classes are running a regular schedule finally.  My job is back to normal as well.  Despite this getting back to normal, not everything is quite back to normal yet.  The subway is still a wreak in lower Manhattan.  I usually take the N-Q-R line but this is still not running normally so any little disturbance in the system becomes a major problem.  It is now not uncommon to wait 20-30 minutes for a train; something unheard of 3 weeks ago.  Unfortunately, this is becoming old hat and people really would like to have their trains running normally if they have to live normally!

Another lingering effect is that Union Square Park has become a staging area for utility trucks.  There are dozens of trucks parked in the square at any time and this has forced the farmer’s market to relocate!  I miss the market a lot and the trucks serve as a constant reminder of the trauma we have just been through.  Having said this however, I am eternally grateful to the assistance these crews have provided to that this city and region can get back on its feet and start moving the world again 🙂


And to add insult to injury- we had a snow storm (named Athena) just 10 days after having a major hurricane!  Here are some of the trucks in the park during the snow storm.  For reference, this photo is facing North.  The visibility was so bad that night that the Empire State Building is not seen in this picture even though it would normally dominate the shot.

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2 Responses to Life after Sandy

  1. Frank L says:

    Hold out! There is a lot of mess at the moment but hopefully there will be better days. We are with you in our thoughts.

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