After class one evening last week, a classmate and I took the walk up to Madison Square Park.  We were motivated by a new art installation by Leo Villareal, Buckyball.  The installation is a small ball of LED lights in bedded in a larger ball of LED lights (they look like soccer balls).  They are held high up on a pedestal in one of the green spaces.  Around the installation are “zero gravity” benches.  The benches are made out of wood that hold the body in a comfortable relaxed lounge position allowing viewers to experience the installation from below looking up towards the sky.

The night we went was fairly clear and cool.  We relaxed comfortably on the benches and watched as the lights performed for us, changing colors while creating affects and effects.  Just beyond we could see the surrounding buildings and imagined that those tenants must stare for hours at the changing installation.  Further afloat were the stars in the night sky calling to us to imagine just a little bit further.

Buckyball will be on display until February and should you find yourself in the area, definitely take a few minutes to just lay back and enjoy.

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