Holiday Market!

Just as soon as I complained about the loss of our Farmer’s Market, the Union Square Market was back!  And now it has an addition!

The lower end of the park is now home to a candy cane striped holiday marketplace.  Several dozen stalls create a maze of mostly locally crafted items.  One photographer has prints from the NYC Subway of the 1980’s which he put on t-shirts, wooden boards, or just matted.  Several of them were very provoking and I ended up purchasing a t-shirt for my significant other.  There are several artists and jewelry makers.  There is also a local brewery selling beer making kits which seems like a pretty cool gift idea.

Some of the stalls have items from far off places like India and Nepal.  One has exquisite fabrics but seeing as I do not sew very well I wasn’t sure why I would buy them.  Another has beautiful candelabras that I would love to add to my space!  There is one stall that has a number of German imports and offers Gluhwein, but it is non-alcoholic and I just don’t see the point in buying non-alcoholic Gluhwein.

Best of all though are the food sellers.  There are several kiosks that sell the best smelling creations.  Chocolate, waffles, cookies, rice balls,  Pho, and best of all GF crepes!  The place is amazing and I truly enjoyed my crepes and plan on visiting them often 🙂 .  In addition to hot foods to eat there, the market includes a few purveyors of tea and one that also has spices.  The table is a glorious display of spices, mixtures, rubs, and teas.  Local and far away flavors combine as a feast for the eyes.  Enjoy!

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