View from above

This past week, my job required that I attend a meeting.  The building was in midtown and we were to be on one of the upper floors.

Needless to say, it was beautiful.  The space was stunning with lots of glass that let in light and offered an amazing view.  I was floored and immediately took a photo.  Just as I was framing my second shot someone ran over and informed me I was not allowed to take photos.  Not even of the outside (which is why i am not even naming the building).  I quietly put away my camera, but I still got one pic:



It was a grey and rainy day, but that seemed to make the view even better in its own way (though not the pic).  The mist hanging over the buildings gave off a feeling of freshness.  This view is looking uptown.  In the photo just to the right of the post is an area that is dark and devoid of buildings- that’s Central Park.  The dark line way out on the horizon is New Jersey.  To the right of the picture I could watch planes taking off and landing at La Guardia Airport.  It was great to see the city from yet another perspective.

In other news… I am getting a new camera this weekend and I am excited to see what kind of shots I can start to capture.  Especially as the weather starts to brighten and we all look forward to being outside again!

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1 Response to View from above

  1. Frank L says:

    This is really gorgeous, great you could save at least that picture!

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