One of the great things about New York City- the subway.  No, seriously.  It is a great system that works most of the time.  It is also one of the largest in the world.  That is something to be proud of!

But, what really thrills me is the talent on display underground.  Sometimes it is a performance in the train itself- though these tend to feel a bit awkward since you are kind of held captive until the doors open again.  The better bet is often in the stations themselves.  All the larger stations have performers daily.  A good number are just looking to make some quick cash by providing some entertainment to those passing by, such as this performer:

0306131932S/he was having a great time dancing and lip syncing to music!  There was quite a large crowd and s/he was entertaining, but I didn’t feel that s/he had incredible talent.

However, one level down was a group of musicians that were worth stopping and watching for some time.  Their music was great and lively as was their performance:

0306131933The band is called the Drumadics and it was four brass instruments and a drummer who used empty plastic buckets!  These performers are part of the Music Under New York program.  They have to audition and they are given priority locations to perform along with banners which given public recognition to their music.  The program seeks to have a variety of musicians (and artists) that represent the variety that is New York City.  These performers liven up spaces underground and always bring a smile to my face.



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