Photo dump

So right around mid-semester I became neglectful again.  It happens.  On the bright side I earned the grades I wanted.

Because of my serious neglect, I am going to do a photo dump.  A bunch of pictures I took but never had time to upload and write about.  Instead of the wonderful posts I imagined, I will give a few words to place the photos in time.  Enjoy!

1127121415This is what I see everyday when i get off the elevator to go to my department.  It is vibrant and certainly wakes up the mind!

0222131358aThis is the view of 5th Avenue from the department conference room.  I also had a class in here this semester.  I had to sit with my back to the windows to keep from being distracted 🙂

0314131026This was a display erected after the death of Hugo Chavez in front of an agency promoting tourism to Venezuela.  Some was in support of Chavez and some against his politics.  It was interesting to see this display in the heart of New York.


0122131025Post Superstorm Sandy, New Jersey is marketing hard to convince people to visit the beaches again.  This is a billboard as we enter the Lincoln Tunnel. For those unfamiliar with the State of New Jersey, the “s” in “resilient” is the shape of the state.  I must say that this is an apt description.  Much of the tourist sites are ready for summer travelers and day-trippers.

0314131023All of the media lining 5th Avenue outside of St. Patrick’s Cathedral when Pope Benedict resigned.  St. Patrick’s is the largest cathedral in New York and without fail, whenever there is discussion about a Pope as successor everyone is convinced it will be the Cardinal from New York City.  So all the news vans park outside and interview everyone passing by.

0430131454 0430131454aAs I was walking downtown I came across these ribbons for peace.  The view was startling and yet beautiful.


0509132024Another picture of the Music Under New York program.  This time it is an Opera group.  This performer was amazing.  She interacted with the passerby’s and those just watching.  At appropriate moments in the piece she would flirt with some of the onlookers and she really owned the area she was singing in.  It was fantastic!  I love hearing opera on my evening commute.

0410131053This safety plan is firmly attached to the roof of the buses travelling from New Jersey to NYC.  I find it funny that there is only one route to get to NYC in the event of an emergency; all the other emergency routes are for leaving NYC to New Jersey.  It’s clear where we think emergencies will actually occur!

0516131745NYC has a rating system for food retailers (restaurants, bars, etc.).  This has become slightly iconic with even TV commercials playing on our reactions to these ratings.  I will be honest, I passed up on sushi at a restaurant with a B rating.  The idea of eating raw fish in a place that is less than perfectly clean is not very appetizing.  In fact, this B rated place was only acceptable because it was a bar- one of the few times when less than spotless seems like a good idea!

0515132036Lastly, another food posting.  Last week Madison Square Park hosted an event called Madison Square Eats.  It was a great way to visit a few different food vendors and learn of some of the more unique eatery options available.  I ate some of my favorite gluten free crepes from Bar Suzette.  The place was packed and barely enough room to move around but the weather was nice and it was great to see so many people out and enjoying the city on a Thursday night!

So that was the last 2.5 months of my semester.  I will be out of NYC for most of the summer so see you all in September!










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